Terms and Conditions

1. The issuance of season parking for vehicles is at the sole discretion of the carpark operator- Greenwich Carpark Pte Ltd (hereinafter known as “Management”) based on the availability of the parking lots.

2. The applicants must produce documentary proof of their vehicle ownership for Management’s review, approval and record.

For applicants

a) copy of vehicle log card as proof of vehicle ownership

b) Other relevant documents such as company’s authorisation letter (eg. company’s vehicle) or letter from vehicle’s owner at the request of the Management.

3. The applicant is required to give the Management at least seven working days to review and process their application.

4. A tenant is only permitted to apply for season parking for vehicles subject to availability of the car park lots and on a first come first serve basis.

5. The season parking is not an entitlement and the privilege of buying a quarterly season parking is subjected to availability and Management’s review on a quarterly basis. The Management reserves the right to withdrawn/ revoke such privilege by giving one month’s notice at its sole discretion.

6. The season parking is tied to the registered vehicle and is not transferable.

7. The Management must be informed of any change to vehicle number for season parking holders. A change of vehicle form is needed to effect the transfer.

8. The Management reserves the right to withdraw the car parking privileges from the user for any abue of use or infringement of Carpark rules and by-Laws.

9. The Management reserves the right to reject any application whereby the documents provided are incomplete.

10. The Management reserves the right to add, amend or delete any of the conditions at any time without assigning any reasons.

11. Wheel clamps will be used against motorists for blatant parking and obstructions.

12. Abandoned vehicles shall be immobilized with wheel clamp and relevant charges shall apply until owner of the vehicle makes full payment to the Management.

13. The Management reserves the right to tow abandoned vehicles to a facility deemed suitable for such purpose and all relevant charges shall be recovered from the owner of the vehicle for full payment before release of the said vehicle.

14. Withdrawal. cancellation of use to be informed to the Management at least 14 working days in advance from the end of each month. Any later and the refund shall not be pro-rated and the whole month charge shall apply.

15. Any decision by the Management shall be final and conclusive.

Payment by Cheque

16. Payment is by crossed cheque with the exact amount (without prevailing GST) quarterly in advance as listed above payable to “Greenwich Carpark Pte Ltd” and to write the vehicle registration numbers/ invoice number on the left bottom of the reverse side of the cheque.

Important Note

Owner of vehicle is responsible to inform the Management for any change of vehicle or cease of vehicle parking. Billing will continue till notifications is given to Management at least 14 working days in advance each month.

For any queries, please see our contact as follows:
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Tel: 6702 4678
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